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About Liverpool

Liverpool is a thriving cultural hub and one the most successful retailing destinations, being the 5th largest centre in the UK. In 2008 it was European Capital of Culture and the city has enjoyed inward investment ever since.

Benefiting from a very large total catchment of c.1.9 million people, Liverpool has a high proportion of young adults and a sizeable student population of over 70,000. The city is world renowned for its rich arts and music heritage and diverse cultural scene.

Boasting a shopping population of 680,000 people (PMA), Liverpool is considered one of the best retail offers in the north of England and is the dominant retail centre in Merseyside. It plays host to a number of international and nationally branded operators, especially since the opening of Liverpool ONE.

St Johns always was the traditional principal covered retail environment within the city and the focus of the majority of daily shopping trips. Today it retains that role, benefiting from its covered environment and having an incredibly loyal customer base.